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What is the VCA?

We represent the residents of the greater Volcano area:


  • Volcano Village

  • Volcano Farm Lots

  • Cymbidium Acres

  • Mauna Loa Estates

  • Ohia Estates

  • Volcano Golf Course

  • Royal Hawaiian Estates

  • Hawaiian Orchid Isle Estates


Our growing community is known for its closeness ("neighbors helping neighbors"), and for our love of the precious native forest that surrounds us. Our Association supports local organizations and causes both financially and logistically,. We organize presentations and meetings on current events, respond to pressing community concerns with education, information and action, and help to connect Volcano residents with the many groups and resources already active here. We aim  to tackle issues of community-wide importance and to extend our outreach in any way we can. 

Your membership directly helps support many activities in Volcano and gets you a discount at a number of local businesses. You also get a discount on our VCA products. You can join by mail or in person at our table at the Cooper Center Farmers' Market every Sunday. Visit our Join page to use PayPal or credit card to join.  You don't have to own property here or live here to join!


Board of Directors

Our members elect a Board of Directors annually to conduct the business of the Association.

Mission Statement created by our founders in 1980

This Corporation will improve and protect the quality of life in Volcano, County and State of Hawaii, on behalf of all residents of the area. It will promote their social and educational advancement, increase their recreational opportunities, ensure their health, protect their natural environment, and develop their community spirit. Also, it will undertake any consonant project the community may be moved to assign to it. However, it will remain nonpartisan and nonsectarian.

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