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Volcano Long Range Plan


The Volcano Long-Range Plan (VLRP) is a community-driven long-range vision for the future of Volcano prepared by the Long-Range Planning Committee of the Volcano Community Association. The result of almost 30 years of hard work and community input, it is now nearing completion and will soon be accepted by the County and made official. Mahalo to everyone past and present who played a part in this enormous and historic effort.


You can view / download the latest version of the Plan in PDF form at right.


"What Does the Long-Range Plan Really Say?" is a shorter document addressing common concerns about the Plan voiced at a community meeting held at Cooper Center January 16, 2015

The Volcano Long Range Plan committee and Volcano Community Association are seeking input to deepen its understanding of Volcano community priorities by conducting this survey.  Your answers to this survey will help to guide the actions we as a community will be taking during the coming decades.


Thank you for participating in this survey. Current survey ended Oct. 21, 2016.

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